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Teeth Whitening Brier Creek NC

Beautiful woman smiling from Stansell Dentistry Associates in Raleigh, NCYour smile is a major factor in the impressions that you leave, which is why many people want to enhance their dull smile with teeth whitening!

At Stansell Dentistry Associates in Brier Creek, we can restore the bright white color to your teeth with teeth whitening.

What Dulls My Smile?

The enamel of your teeth is hard and mineralized, and naturally bright white in color.

Over time, the enamel develops microfractures that make it easier for the teeth to capture pigments and other debris that can dull their color.

Factors that contribute to discoloration include:

•  Food and drinks that contain dark pigments, such as coffee, red wine, dark berries, and curries.
•  Tobacco products such as cigarettes. These products contain numerous chemicals including tar and nicotine, both of which cause stains.
•  Certain medications, such as tetracycline and doxycycline.
•  Age. As you get older, your enamel thins. The dentin, which has a yellow tint to it, begins to show through.

Professional Whitening Treatments

Chairside whitening is done right here in our office, and it only takes about an hour of your time.

After we clean your teeth, we apply the whitening gel to your teeth.

The gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, begins to break down stains while the peroxide forms tiny oxygen bubbles that enter into the enamel and the dentin.

These bubbles seek out and stick to stains, bleaching them away.

A light is shone over your mouth throughout the duration of your treatment, enhancing the results.

With chairside whitening, your teeth can be made several shades whiter with just one treatment, and results are noticeable right away.

A person getting their teeth polished after whitening treatment

Can I Use Over the Counter Whitening Products?

There are countless products available over the counter for whitening.

These products include toothpaste, strips, pens, and more.

They all claim to provide amazing results in less time. However, these products contain very low levels of bleaching agents.

As a result, it can take several weeks to even notice a slight difference in the color of your teeth.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Permanent?

While professional teeth whitening can provide you with beautiful white teeth and a radiant smile, the same factors that once caused your discoloration can cause it to happen again.

Taking care of your new smile can help your results to last longer:

•  Limit foods and beverages that stain.
•  Drink beverages that can stain through a straw.
•  Drink lots of water.
•  Brush and floss daily.
•  Have your teeth periodically touched up.

Our office also offers other cosmetic services, including Zoom teeth whitening.

Instead of mere surface stain removal, Zoom teeth whitening can get your teeth multiple shades whiter than they used to be.

Teeth Whitening in Briar Creek

Contact Stansell Dentistry Associates in Brier Creek today at 984-477-0177 to schedule your consultation.

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